Learn How to Stop Being an Addict

Drug addiction and alcoholism is not a disease. True recovery does not require you attend meetings for the rest of your life. Fully getting off all addictive substances does not mean taking drug substitution medications. Completing the Lonestar Victory Ranch drug rehab program means never having to refer to yourself as an addict again, because you won’t be. When you graduate from our program you will have all the life training you will need to remain clean and sober.

Lonestar Victory Ranch is a long-term, inpatient drug rehab program that is designed to address all aspects of your addiction problem. We have the most thorough withdrawal and detoxification program to clean and purify your body on a cellular level. Our clients no longer experience physical drug cravings or urges because the toxins and drug metabolites have been flushed out leaving them completely detoxed and healthier than they have felt in a long time.

Program participants also receive life training through our series of courses. The education our client’s receive often times reinstates the things they learned growing up about how to be a good person and doing right vs. wrong. For some, it is new information that completely changes the way they view life and the choices they make in their future. We guide our clients through the process of acknowledging and confronting areas in their past where things went wrong and help them set it right. Clients in the Lonestar Victory Ranch program learn how to stop being an addict and get their life back in control.

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