Make the Necessary Changes in Your Life

When an addict is deep in their addiction they will often have no regard for those around them, their material possessions and their wellbeing in general. All that matters is getting drunk, stoned, or high so that they can escape. Drug and alcohol use typically starts out as a good time. Addicts never intend to become the way they are, it just happens over time. Using on the weekend becomes using several times a week. Eventually it becomes a daily battle with oneself over how to afford enough and where am I going to get enough just to get through the day?

The people an addict surrounds themselves with are often users too. This reinforces their poor choices because it seems to them that “everyone they know uses drugs or drinks” so they must not be that bad off, right? It is really hard to reason with an addicted person until something so life affecting takes place that they have to take a close look at their actions and self-destructive behavior. Sometimes family and loved ones are able to instigate this life changing event by holding an intervention that shines a light on the addict’s lifestyle. Other times it takes a run-in with the law to shake a user to the core and see that what they are doing is leading them down the wrong path.

When the addict finally sees they need help to stop their downward spiral into addiction the staff at the Rainbow Canyon Retreat are here. We know how dark and chaotic addiction is because we have been there ourselves. Many of our highly skilled staff are fully recovered addicts who have made the choice to help others work past their addiction. The program we offer is a complete and total drug addiction and alcoholism recovery process. Graduates of the Rainbow Canyon Retreat drug rehab leave fully rehabilitated. They do not take any form of drug substitution medication, they do not attend meetings to maintain their sobriety and they do not live in fear of a drug or alcohol relapse. We guide our program participants to make the necessary changes in their life so that when they return home they are clean, sober and productive members of their family and community.

2 thoughts on “Make the Necessary Changes in Your Life”

  1. “The people an addict surrounds themselves with are often users too” This is so true. When I was an addict I slowly surrounded myself with people that were doing the same drugs that I was, and spent less and less time with people that did not use drugs and did not approve. Eventually the only friends I had left were fellow drug addicts. Luckily my family was still willing to help me, and that is when they got me into the Rainbow Canyon Retreat facility. Since my time in the Narconon Fresh Start program I have been drug free for almost 4 years and have never attended a drug or alcohol meeting!

  2. I really did not like the way I acted when I was on drugs. Other people had no reason to like me either, because I was a failure in many aspects and did not have the correct consideration towards other people in society. Another major problem that I had was that I was unable to enjoy or do things normally.
    Through this program, I was able to achieve the necessary changes in my life so that I no longer feel the need for drugs, and I deeply understand how damaging and destructive they truly are. Now I can live life fully and enjoy life as well.

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