Narconon Fresh Start: Drug-Free Withdrawal

The Narconon Fresh Start program uses a drug-free withdrawal method to help our client’s get off drugs and alcohol. While some of our clients require medically assisted withdrawal due to the extremely physical nature of their addiction, once this process is complete they will return to our treatment center and begin their drug-free withdrawal portion of our program. We never use any form of drug replacement or substitution therapy and no prescription drugs are needed to help our clients control their mood, sleep, anxiety and energy levels.

During my time in withdrawal I learned how to focus my mind on other things rather than my withdrawal symptoms. I got my appetite back as well as a sleeping pattern. It was great to be on some sort of schedule that way I felt ready to start my program.
A. G.

Drug free withdrawal helped me because I became healthier with the vitamins and Cal-Mag I took. It also helped me get out of my own mind and see what is around me in my environment.
A. M.

One thought on “Narconon Fresh Start: Drug-Free Withdrawal”

  1. One of the best things that make this program worthwhile, is the comprehensive rehabilitation curriculum which it provides. Not only is the withdrawal component drug free, the entire program does not utilize any other dependency related substances as a replacement for the addictions that people have. The withdrawal curriculum is very well made and includes specific actions that ensure that the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms are minimized. The beginning of the program is great, and so is the rest of the program. It truly leads to an everlasting freedom from drugs and/or alcohols, and has allowed me to regain a much better lifestyle. I am very grateful.

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