Complete Addiction Rehabilitation Thanks to Lonestar Victory Ranch

While most drug rehab programs have their client’s withdrawal from drugs and begin the initial process of recovery they do not give them ample time to make the necessary changes to fully incorporate these modifications into their daily life. Lonestar Victory Ranch is a long-term residential drug rehab program that understands that recovery takes as long as it takes. Clients never feel rushed through their program because there is no set period of time every program participant completes the program in. While the majority of clients take three to six months to work through the program others may need more or less time depending on their specific recovery situation.

The Lonestar Victory Ranch drug rehab is a complete program from start to finish. Clients enroll in the program and are given a complete examination (health, mental and emotional) and a personal history is obtained (drug use, family life, previous treatment experiences if any, etc.). They then begin their drug withdrawal process (either medically assisted or using Narconon Fresh Start’s drug-free withdrawal protocol). When withdrawal symptoms have subsided clients start their work on the life skills and training courses in addition to the New Life Detoxification program. The combination of Narconon’s New Life Detoxification Method and Cognitive Behavioral Modification Model has avery high success rate of accomplishing complete addiction rehabilitation.

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