Dear Narconon Fresh Start

Dear Narconon Fresh Start,

I would like to thank you for sending Jesse to speak to my students and NV High School. He was very knowledgeable and informative about every type of drug you can imagine. My students learned about the dangers of drugs and their long term effects. They were intrigued with all the information given to them, and many didn’t realize how much damage a drug could cause to their bodies.

Once the students became more comfortable to ask questions, we were able to find out what types of drugs were more prominent in the area. To my surprise we were told that marijuana and heroin were the drugs of choice. Marijuana didn’t surprise me, but HEROIN!? That was a shock. I have difficulties understanding why teens would even consider doing drugs, but heroin is so addicting.

The following day we had a great discussion about what they learned, and many say that they will never try drugs or alcohol. They also told their peers about the effects on their bodies and I had a hand full of students come to my class and ask about it. So again I want to thank Narconon Fresh Start for all you do, and for spreading the word about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. It does make an impact to our youth, and I know your program has reached many.



Health Teacher

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