I am Proud and Excited to Become a Part of Something So Great

Going through the material (to become a staff member) I am very proud and excited to become a part of something so great, the Narconon Fresh Start Program. I want to see people succeed. I want to be there to help and make this program evolve as it has for the past many years.
A. C.

Because the Narconon Fresh Start program is so successful some of our graduates choose to continue on as an intern learning about addiction and our addiction recovery methods. We know that the most dedicated and passionate staff members are often our former clients.

Graduating from the Narconon Fresh Start program means that you now have all the tools and skills necessary to maintain your sobriety for the rest of your life. Graduates will often be so excited about their new sense of self and purpose in life that they choose to help others learn these invaluable life skills.

Giving back is such a rewarding part of a person’s recovery process and becoming an intern at a Narconon Fresh Start center offers program graduates this valuable opportunity. We work side-by-side with all of our interns giving them a firsthand education on how to assist clients in our recovery program.

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