Life Skills Courses are Very Effective

Book 8 was very effective for me because it showed me the things that are hurting me in my life. Book 8 also showed me how to live a prosperous, healthy and happy life.

Narconon Fresh Start goes beyond just getting our clients off drugs. We utilize the most successful detoxification technology, the New Life Detoxification Program that purifies our clients on a cellular level. This process removes the remaining drug toxins and metabolites from their system helping to reduce if not remove all physical drug and alcohol cravings.

The other important part of our program is the Life Skills Courses. These courses go over the vital life training and skills that many of our clients have forgotten to use due to their addiction problem. They learn how to identify persons who wish them well vs. those who will do them harm. They learn about the ups and downs in life, personal values and integrity and how to change their condition in life. The education our clients receive while at a Narconon Fresh Start program if often some of the most valuable information they ever learn because they are able to put it to use on a day-to-day basis.  

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