Our Clients Are Truly Able to Make a Fresh Start

I realize that by staying in the present time that I do not think about my drug problem, I stay focused more on my life here and now. This also makes it a lot easier to handle myself and my objectives. Learning this is a great part of this program.
A. D.

Learning to stay in the present moment helps to keep our clients from constantly reliving their past and feeling the negative feelings often associated with it. Narconon Fresh Start teaches many life skills to their clients that benefit them long after they complete treatment and return back to their daily life. Program participants learn effective communication skills, how to spot individuals who are anti-social and wish to do them harm, appropriate methods to handle negative situations (being around drugs or alcohol, etc.) and how to confront and handle their past indiscretions so they do not haunt them in the future.

While staying in the present time is very important, it is also vital that recovering persons address their past unethical behavior. Narconon Fresh Start staff members guide clients through this part of the program helping them fully realize the extent of their past choices and doing everything in their power to make things right. This helps to keep clients from having to face these past transgressions on their own when they leave treatment. Staff members work closely with program participants to find appropriate solutions to any remaining issues from during using past.

When a client completes the Narconon Fresh Start program they are truly able to make a fresh start because they have addressed and worked through their past issues. The future is theirs to make what they want of it with the only limitation being their own determination to make it happen.

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