Why Should I Attend Sunshine Summit Lodge?

Sunshine Summit Lodge is a long-term residential drug rehab program located in the beautiful hills of Northern San Diego County. If you have never attended a drug rehabilitation program before you may be hesitant to commit to a long-term program thinking that it just isn’t necessary. Consider this fact; you did not develop your addiction problem overnight. You probably didn’t develop it over the course of a few weeks or a month. Addiction to drugs and alcohol comes about over time. Habitual substance abuse means that you have created a routine for yourself and drugs or alcohol is part of it. Attending a shorter program only allows you to come off the substance(s) you are dependent on; it does not give you a chance to develop a new sober routine, getting to see yourself as a sober person and how you handle day-to-day life challenges.

If you have attended a rehab program in the past you may feel that it just didn’t work, or that you don’t need that much more time in treatment or that no program is really going to make that lasting change for you so why bother? The Sunshine Summit Lodge drug rehab program is different than all other treatment methods you have been through. Their use of the Narconon Fresh Start treatment methodology means that you receive their New Life Detoxification Method combined with their Cognitive Behavioral Modification Model of addiction recovery. This program is one of the most successful in the field of addiction recovery with a high number of their graduates going on to live sober lives, without returning to drugs or alcohol.

By attending Sunshine Summit Lodge you will take back the power over your sobriety. The Narconon Fresh Start philosophy is that drug and alcohol addiction is not a disease. This is in stark contrast to twelve-step programs where they tell their clients that they are powerless over their addiction and label them an addict or alcoholic for life. The staff at Sunshine Summit Lodge treats addiction for what it truly is; a physical and mental problem that has to be overcome, with underlying issues that need to be resolved. Their drug rehab method builds up their client’s self-worth, self-esteem and shows them that that they are not powerless over their addiction. Graduates of this program take responsibility for themselves and their continued sobriety.

One thought on “Why Should I Attend Sunshine Summit Lodge?”

  1. Anyone looking to treat their problems of drug or alcohol abuse should make the decision to go to Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge. The location of the center is absolutely breathtaking and it makes a much more conducive setting for people seeking treatment. I know hat when I went through the program there that I fell in love with the area. Aside from the actual location of the center, I really enjoyed the staff that worked there and helped me get through the program. The staff are really helpful and great at what they do and the program itself is impeccable. I would strongly encourage anyone who is seeking professional substance abuse treatment to pursue the Narconon program at Sunshine Summit Lodge.

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