Our Program Changes Lives

Graduates our Fort Collins New Life Center have completed one of the most effective, and at times challenging drug rehabilitation programs available. The Narconon Fresh Start program offered at the Fort Collins New Life Center is highly successful at complete drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Program participants are thoroughly withdrawn from the substances they are addicted to using our program’s drug-free withdrawal protocol. They then go through the Narconon New Life Detoxification method to fully detoxify their system and remove any remaining drug residuals or toxins. Clients often comment that once this portion of the program is completed they feel brighter, sleep better, are overall healthier and no longer experience drug cravings.

The next part of the Fort Collins New Life Center’s program involves addressing the clients underlying issues that lead to their abuse of drugs or alcohol in the first place. Working closely with staff members recovering persons acknowledge, confront and handle the issues from their past. When these points have been addressed the program participant feels a great sense of relief. They will not have to face their past transgressions on their own when they complete treatment because they have already been effectively handled and resolved to the best of their ability while in the Fort Collins New Life Center’s rehab program.

Our clients learn valuable life skills in areas of communication, problem solving, social and anti-social characteristics, ethics and personal values. The entire program generally takes several months to complete. Enrolling in our long-term rehab gives the recovering person time to fully learn, process and adapt the information into their life before they return home.

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