Aftercare Options

Support GroupNarconon Fresh Start knows that completing the program is a huge success for our graduates. To maintain their sobriety we suggest many different choices in aftercare: sober living houses, volunteering and entering our internship program. These are just a few of the more popular options.

Choosing to continue on into a sober living home is an excellent way to stay focused on your sobriety. You will be surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who are working to achieve the same goal, staying clean. Working closely with our staff, together we will be able to find the right sober living program to meet your needs once you graduate from Narconon Fresh Start and are ready to head out into the world.

Another positive choice you may consider is volunteering in your hometown once you complete treatment. Volunteering not only helps those who are receiving your attention, but it helps to instill a sense of purpose and self-worth in a newly recovered person. Knowing that your time is being spent giving back to others and making a difference in another person’s life helps to keep the positive effects of your new sobriety ongoing.

Get off Drugs at Narconon Fresh Start

Becoming an intern at one of the Narconon Fresh Start programs is also a popular option graduates choose when they have completed the program. We know that the most dedicated and hard-working staff members are often our former clients. Graduates who have found lasting success in their sobriety and want to help others do the same are an invaluable asset and a welcomed contribution to our team. Interns are taught the ins and outs of the program and are closely guided on how their specific talents can best be utilized. As an aftercare option, becoming an intern gives the graduate continued time in a drug-free, productive environment where they can continue to gain benefits long after they have finished their own program.

Narconon Fresh Start LogoWhen you complete the Narconon Fresh Start rehab program you will remain in contact with our counselors on a schedule that works for you. We want to continue to provide the support you and your loved ones need when you return home. Know that if you feel a problem or situation arise after you have graduated you can contact us. Our counselors will help you work through it and give you the guidance you need to stay clean and sober.

2 thoughts on “Aftercare Options”

  1. I am very glad that I accepted to come and do my internship at Rainbow Canyon Retreat after I finished my program elsewhere. From the moment that I arrived at Rainbow Canyon Retreat, I was able to feel like I was helping by give back the same type of aid that I received during my program, allowing others to find their liberty from substance abuse and addiction as well.

    Similar to other people that decided to give back by working here, I found purpose in my life and was able to grow. It was, and still is, a very positive experience.

  2. I chose to stay and intern at Rainbow Canyon Retreat when I graduated the program. I saw how dedicated the staff members were when I was going through the program and their sense of purpose in life and I wanted to have that as well. I wanted to help others overcome their addictions just like some of the staff members that helped me. My internship was very rewarding, I learned a lot about myself and felt good helping others. Before I came to Rainbow Canyon Retreat I was an addict and also sold drugs to others, So i thought I owed society and myself a chance to help others overcome their addictions instead of supplying the stuff that almost destroyed my life. Helping others when I was an intern was very important to me because it gave me a sense of purpose and I felt like I finally started to redeem myself for all the harm I did to myself and others while I was on drugs.

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