Each Day I Feel More in Control and Alive

Today I had a huge success with both the 45 minutes eyes open and 1 hour eyes closed (objective exercises). I feel very confident because I know that I have the ability to perseverate and last so long. I know without a doubt that tomorrow my 1 hour eyes open will be smooth. Each day I feel more in control and alive than the last and I am looking forward to whatever I will face.

A fundamental part of the Fort Collins New Life Center is our series of Narconon Fresh Start communication training routines and objective exercises or drills.  These courses work to rehabilitate the recovering person’s awareness and their ability to control themselves, others and the things in their environment while continually bringing their attention back from the past into the present moment. These drills help our program participants with the ability to move forward in their life and not remain stuck in their past transgressions.


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