Finally Getting Healthy Thanks to Narconon Fresh Start

Many Narconon Fresh Start clients enter the program nutritionally deficient, under or overweight, anemic and suffering from illnesses brought on by their addiction issues. Our goal is to help clients not only get off the drugs they are addicted to; but to help them achieve an improved state of physical, psychological and emotional health. We accomplish this by conducting a physical and complete personal history. Once we fully understand the client’s specific health, psychological and emotional issues we are able to create a preconized treatment program to meet their needs.

Clients receive care from our trained specialists who supervise newly arriving program participants around the clock and assist them with the physical and emotional symptoms of withdrawal. This process is conducted in a calm, private, therapeutic environment paying special attention to the client’s treatment needs. Throughout this portion of the program (as well as the rest of their time in the Narconon Fresh Start center) clients receive nutritious meals, vitamin supplementation and plenty of rest.

Narconon’s New Life Detoxification sauna program further cleanses and purifies the recovering client. Working closely with medical professionals, clients receive approval to begin this portion of the program. Using a protocol of specific vitamins, minerals and oils along with exercise and time spent in a dry sauna; clients sweat out the drug residuals and toxins left behind by their substance abuse. Removing these toxins on a cellular level eliminates future drug cravings, urges and compulsions. While this process is sometimes arduous for our clients, the benefits gained are life changing and long-lasting.

Clients who have completed the New Life Detoxification program share that they are able to focus better than ever before, their memory has improved, they sleep better at night and they no longer experience drug cravings like they did previously. Often times, program participants will see their skin clear up and become healthy again. They begin to notice their eating habits regulate and they enjoy eating a healthy diet full of nutritious foods. Some clients maintain the exercise regimen they participated in while going through sauna and continue to see positive results in their overall physical and emotional health as a result.

Graduates of the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program are happy, healthy drug-free individuals. They are not “addicts” or “alcoholics” who are powerless over their addiction. When a person completes our program they have no need for drug replacement therapy. A majority of our clients who were on psychiatric medications or prescription drugs are able to come off them (medically supervised) and never take them again. A person who has completed the Narconon Fresh Start program has conquered their addiction issues and now has the tools and life skills necessary to continue their sobriety for the rest of their lives.

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