Now I’m a Lot More Positive

When I came here I didn’t really think I would learn much from this part of the program because I had gone through most of my withdrawals right before the program. I then realized that I was dwelling in my past bad experience rather than thinking of all the good things around me. Now, I am a lot more positive. I also realized that the drug I was doing was pulling me off course and that I can’t get back on track until I let the drugs go.
J. P.

Clients who have been through their withdrawal process before beginning Sunshine Summit Lodge drug rehab find our drug-free withdrawal process a valuable part of their recovery process. We help clients learn to stay focused on the present time and how to pull themselves out of negative thoughts about their past. During this time program participants make significant gains in their emotional stability and overall attitude towards their personal recovery.

One thought on “Now I’m a Lot More Positive”

  1. I hear ya J.P. I too had a tough time with dwelling on all the negative crap that I had done in my life. It seemed real easy to just have a pity-party and think about the bad stuff but at the same time it got really scary for me. I had a hard time dealing with all of that on my own. But when I went to Sunshine Summit Lodge I was able to learn how to confront all that nasty stuff from the past, deal with it, and stay focused on the here and now. There are so many things today that I am appreciative of and I thank the lord that I have beat my addiction. I always tell myself to think about today and do the best I can because the past is behind me. It might seem like an easy concept for a lot of people but it was hard for me. I am grateful for having the experience that I did at Sunshine Summit Lodge because they totally helped me turn my life around and get it together.

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