Seeing Positive Changes in Your Loved One

Parents and loved ones see positive changes in our client’s soon after they begin the Lonestar Victory Ranch drug rehab program. Because the drug and alcohol withdrawal process is often very difficult for the majority of our clients we have a no phone call policy (making or receiving calls) during this time. To ease your mind regarding your loved one’s status during their withdrawal you can always ask to speak with our center’s Director of Consultation or Family Consultant for a progress report. Withdrawal typically lasts anywhere from 2 to 10 days and once complete clients are allowed to make and receive phone calls. When the time comes and you are able to speak regularly with your loved one please be sure to keep you communication supportive and upbeat. Your positive attitude will go a long way in lifting their spirits and keeping them focused on all of the positive changes that are taking place in their life.

Because your loved one has come off drugs or alcohol they will be feeling much better than they have in a long while. You’ll notice their voice sounds clearer, happier and hopeful for the future. This may inspire you to want to visit or have them return home for a quick visit. We highly suggest that you wait until they have completed our New Life Detoxification program before doing such. This process is usually completed 4 to 6 weeks after their arrival. While this may seem like a long period of time to wait to see your loved one it is an important milestone for them to accomplish.

Lonestar Victory Ranch’s New Life Detoxification sauna program is often thought to be the cornerstone of the entire recovery process. What this program does is remove any remaining drug residuals from the cells of the body. In turn, it eliminates the urge for drugs or alcohol on a physical level. When complete the program participant can focus on finding and confronting the source of their underlying issues that drove them to use drugs or alcohol.

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