Addiction Creates Changes in the User’s Brain

When a person regularly abuses drugs or alcohol over a period of time changes take place in their brain. When this happens the addicted individual begins to lose some control over their ability to make healthy, rational choices. Addiction creates changes in the user’s brain beyond their conscious awareness and exerts an enormous influence over the person’s behaviors and actions. While the addicted person may feel as though their choices are their own at the time, it is really the changes in their brain that begin to control their actions more and more.

This is a key reason why attending a long-term treatment program such as Sunshine Summit Lodge can make the difference is a person’s recovery. The time they spend in rehab gives their injured brain the time it needs to come off drugs or alcohol and return to a healthy normal way of functioning. Just as the person did not become addicted overnight, the changes that need to take place in their brain take time too. The healing that takes place while at Sunshine Summit Lodge is essential to the recovering person’s long-term sobriety.

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