Forever Grateful to Narconon Fresh Start

Before coming to Narconon my life began to take a turn towards the worst. My family saw a change in my life and realized I was not living life properly with a problem. My family gathered and talked to me about a rehab that had a high success rate, I agreed to go and was on a plane within hours. I never thought I would feel normal again while I was on the plane. However, when I said my goodbyes to my family at the airport I made the choice to work hard to kick my bad habits.

When I got to Narconon I immediately felt at home, the people at this program brought a sense of warmth to me. At this point I was still withdrawing but the staff helped me through the long process of kicking my addiction. I soon felt great and started participating in everything the program had in store for me. Now, after a month into my program I feel great. I’m no longer thinking about the addictive, bad parts of my life that I have left behind. I’m proud that I’m at Narconon and will be forever grateful.
-B. C.

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