The Real Cause Behind Drug and Alcohol Cravings

When a person takes substances such as alcohol, illicit drugs (cocaine, heroin, meth, marijuana, ecstasy, etc.) prescription drugs (Vicodin, OxyContin, Ritalin, Ativan, Xanax, Ambien, etc.) and over-the-counter medications it becomes stored in their fat cells for a long time after they have taken them. Drugs easily mix with the user’s body fat (no matter how thin a person is!) by being drawn through their veins like a magnet.

This becomes a problem later when the person is exercising, working, hiking (really any form of physical exertion or stress) and they burn their stored fat. If the fat is burned that contains the tiny amount of the drug, the substance can be released back into their bloodstream. This can make the person feel some of the effects of the drug again, giving them a little “taste” of that drug from so long ago. Just like when a person gets a tiny taste of sugar and they want more; the same is true when the substance is released into their bloodstream and causes effects on the user, they want more. This may happen even years after they have stopped taking drugs and have been living a clean and sober life.

Narconon Fresh Start Programs such as Rainbow Canyon Retreat use a precise protocol that has been medically documented for mobilizing fat-stored toxins, enhancing their elimination and restoring metabolic balance. Through a specific protocol of vitamins, minerals and oils, exercise and time spent in a dry sauna, clients are able to sweat out the drug metabolites left behind by their substance abuse. This process effectively reduces and often eliminates future drug cravings and compulsions. Clients also notice an improvement in their memory, cognitive functions, immune system and general physical condition.

2 thoughts on “The Real Cause Behind Drug and Alcohol Cravings”

  1. Just thinking about all of the toxins that can be stored for many years in the body’s cells, makes me feel so relieved that I went through this program, and stayed clean afterwards. All the negative things I did to my body before, would have been continual plaguing me and bringing me down during the new year, and for the years to come. It would have been a vicious cycle that would lead nowhere good. Luckily, this program helped to save my life and I am still reaping the positive benefits today.

  2. The sauna portion of this program is a very unique and vital aspects, and other programs do not employ it. That is one of the reasons that we have such an epic success rate. Drugs and toxins are all very harmful substances that bury themselves deep inside of our systems, and continue to negatively affect us for years and years. However, the sauna detoxification process really helps to get these toxins out of the body, along with their destructive attributes. I have experienced this myself, as well as observed its success on other people.

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