A Real Accomplishment

I am pumped up right now. I am about to take my book one exam and I know without a doubt I will crush it. My supervisor Jose checked for TRs 6-9 and told me that it was a real accomplishment. Part of me wants to look around and brag. Although what is really motivating me is the bragging rights that I can direct to the one person who has looked down on me, pitied me and despised me all my life ……..myself.
B. H.

The enthusiasm our clients feel about their personal success in the Narconon Fresh Start program is obvious. With each passing day our clients feel better both physically and emotionally. They come to realize the life they were meant to be living before drugs or alcohol took control. The passion our clients feel about their sobriety is contagious spreading throughout the treatment facilities causing a chain reaction of smiles, light heartedness and a feeling of personal empowerment not often visible at other programs.

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