These Narconon Fresh Start Presentations Help to Erase That Ignorance

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the Narconon program for making it possible for the our high school students to have the opportunity to experience the Narconon drug ed presentations on September 27 and 28. It is because of your generous sponsorship that Jesse and Tony were able to present in my health classes for the past several years. It is my hope that you will continue to sponsor this outstanding and worthwhile program.

As you know, teens often make bad choice out of ignorance. These Narconon presentations help to erase that ignorance and help our students to understand the consequences of their decisions when it come to under-age alcohol consumption and drug use. They now have the knowledge of what drugs actually do to the body and why they should not experiment with them. Your approach with the students is upfront as well as direct and engaging.

Without your willingness to sponsor this Narconon Fresh Start Program, our students would not have had the opportunity to learn their important lessons. As an Educator I look forward to providing this opportunity to my future students.

L.E.      Health Department Chair

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