How Long Does Recovery Take

Many addicted persons and their loved ones what to know how long the Fort Collins New Life Center’s program takes. We tell them that recovery from addiction takes as long as it takes to be complete. Our program is not based on a set timeline that our clients must adhere to in order to complete treatment “on time”. It took time to develop the addiction problem they have now so it stands to reason that it will take some time to overcome it and address the underlying issues that caused it in the first place.

Generally speaking, the majority of our clients complete the Fort Collins New Life Center drug rehab program in three to four months. While some clients need more time to fully assimilate all the information we teach and personally adapt the life changes necessary to maintain their sobriety when they graduate from the program. We say “graduate” because clients become students during their time at the Fort Collins New Life Center. They learn valuable life skills and training on how to overcome the universal barriers to study, how to communicate effectively, how to handle difficult stations without resorting to drug or alcohol use, personal values and integrity, how to change the conditions in their life, common sense moral codes to put them on the road to happiness and they create an aftercare plan full of obtainable goals.

As you can see, the Fort Collins New Life Center drug rehabilitation program is complete in its ability to get you or your loved one off drugs and help them to make the necessary changes in themselves to remain sober throughout their lifetime. Graduates of our program find great success in their life after they complete treatment; with over three quarters of them never returning to a life of drugs and alcohol after graduation. No other program is as effective at achieving lasting and total addiction rehabilitation.

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