It Works!

It works! I am very confident that I will be a much better person because of the Narconon Program! When I arrived here I felt like my life was pointless and had no reason to be alive. I was hooked on cocaine and I would do anything possible to get it. I was telling myself and my friends that I would be dead by the end of my senior year. That has all changed now because of what I have learned here at Narconon. I will make sure I apply everything I have attained here to myself every day of my life. I will be happy, successful and I will love life!
B. K.

The Narconon Fresh Start program is designed to address all types of addiction and works for every kind of person. The program is a highly individualized approach to addiction recovery that changes the lives of all those who complete it. Graduates of the Narconon Fresh Start program are considered to be the most successful at maintaining their sobriety.

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