Six Months of Sobriety, Thank You Rainbow Canyon Retreat

Before going to Rainbow Canyon Retreat my life was one continuous night. I was hardly ever awake during the daytime hours, preferring to sleep all day and hang out and party with my friends at night. When nights came that I didn’t have any plans I would still use by myself thinking nothing of getting high all night long writing in my journal or driving around. Looking back I feel so lucky that I am still on this earth and no longer an addict. The number of times I put my life and anyone else who was on the road with me in danger because of driving intoxicated makes me sick to my stomach to think about.

It is because of the life skills and education I learned while at Rainbow Canyon Retreat I am able to see my past so clearly and take responsibility for my actions. Part of the program is to make amends with the people in your past. In every way possible I have made amends with those I had wronged when I was using and vow to myself never to let things get that way again. Today, I am 6 months sober and living a clean and happy life. Thank you to all the staff at Rainbow Canyon Retreat for helping me get to this place in my life.
T. D.

One thought on “Six Months of Sobriety, Thank You Rainbow Canyon Retreat”

  1. One of many great things that I have noticed about staying sober, is that as time progresses, the feeling of being sober for an even yet longer time feels progressively better and more successful. When I reached six months of sobriety, I felt good, and I was glad to still be busy helping others. Now, it has been one year and 4 months, and it feels even greater and more awesome to still be sober and productive. I have great appreciation for the program and what it has made possible for me.

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