We Can Help Your Child Truly Get Off Drugs or Alcohol

As a parent you watch your child spiral out of control deeper and deeper into their addiction problem. You may feel as though there is nothing you can do to help except be there for them when they call, when they need something from you or help get them out of a problem when one comes up. Your life is spent in constant frustration and you may even begin to resent your child for putting you through this turmoil. If this sounds familiar then you need to reach out to Narconon Fresh Start. Our programs are the best in the field of addiction recovery at total rehabilitation.

With decades of experience getting people of all ages and all types of drugs and alcohol clean and sober, Narconon Fresh Start has one of the highest success rates in the business; We build up your child’s sense of self-worth by teaching them that they are powerful over their addiction, not powerless. Our clients are not life-long addicts only hoping to cope with their incurable disease of addiction; they are completely rehabilitated when they graduate from our program.

Your loved one will not need to attend meetings to maintain their sobriety. They will not take drug replacement medications or psychiatric drugs to get by or subdue their recovery symptoms. When they complete our program and return home they will have fully withdrawn from their substance of addiction, gone through the most thorough detoxification program and have been educated on important life skills to help them maintain their sobriety and be a productive member of your family and community.

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