Stop Taking Toxic Drugs

Today we live in a toxic world; couple that with substance abuse, prescription drugs, alcoholism, etc. and it is no wonder why so many people seem to go off the “deep end”. Physicians are trained to assess and prescribe the appropriate medications when a patient enters their office. Unfortunately, many physicians today are not aware of the significant toxic burden they are adding to their clients by loading a mixture of prescription drugs into their patients. In the grand scheme of one’s overall health, the more drugs (illicit and licit) a person consumes the greater their chance of significant adverse effects from the drugs. Older people are especially sensitive to these adverse effects making substance abuse among this age group that much more dangerous.

Narconon Fresh Start programs like the Fort Collins New Life Center, Lonestar Victory Ranch, Rainbow Canyon Retreat and Sunshine Summit Lodge are able to help get addicted individuals off the toxic substance they have been using and have become dependent on. Using Narconon Fresh Start’s New Life Detoxification Method and Cognitive Behavioral Modification Model their programs have achieved an astounding success rate at keeping their program graduates off drugs and alcohol. Their approach to addiction rehabilitation is to treat the real causes of a person’s substance abuse problem; their physical and emotional issues brought on by their addiction as well as the fundamental reason(s) why they chose to abuse drugs.

The Narconon Fresh Start programs do not use any toxic drug replacement or drug substation medications to achieve their client’s sobriety; their program is holistic and completely drug-free. Treatment consists of vitamin and mineral supplementation (often people in recovery suffer from nutritional depletion and anemia due to their poor diets and skipping meals), nutritious meals, plenty of rest, completing the New Life Detoxification sauna program and life training /skill courses.

2 thoughts on “Stop Taking Toxic Drugs”

  1. When I came to the Narconon program I thought it was going to be impossible to live my life drug free. The Narconon Fresh Start Program showed me that a drug free life is possible and rewarding. Before I did the program i was not eating well and not getting nearly enough of the vitamins and minerals I needed to be healthy. When I got to the Rainbow Canyon Retreat, they gave me the vitamins and minerals my body needed, and healthy meals to help my body get back on the right track.

  2. Thanks to this program, I am able to live in this toxic world, without any direct effects from the toxins, and without the need to take part in putting any of those toxic chemicals into my body. I am quite sure that if I went to another program, I would not have been successful, as I am now. This would especially be true if I went to one of those programs that replaces one addiction with another substance, which is without a doubt not a real solution to substance abuse and substance addiction.
    Rainbow Canyon Retreat has allowed me to use the success I have gained in this program, improve my life, and help others to do the same.

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