Time is the Key to Making a Lasting Recovery

Because Narconon Fresh Start programs such as Sunshine Summit Lodge are long-term treatment programs clients have the time they need to learn the valuable life skills and training necessary to live a sober life when they return home. A person who abuses drugs or alcohol causes changes in their brain that take a while to heal properly. Time away from distractions and the ability to focus on their personal recovery gives the recovering person’s mind and body a chance to return to a normal state.

When enough time has passed without abusing drugs or alcohol their brain begins to heal and function properly again. It takes time for this to happen and the process cannot be rushed. This is why there is no set end date for our graduates when they enroll in any Narconon Fresh Start program. They are given all the time they need to make a complete and lasting recovery. While a majority of our clients complete treatment in three to four months there are those who need longer and they are given this opportunity.

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