I love the way I feel

I love the way I feel, I’ve been sleeping well and becoming active again. My life is brighter, my future is brighter and I’m the happy person I used to be again. Thank you all for what you’ve given me!
B. B.

Clients enrolled in Narconon Fresh Start programs are experiencing amazing life changes thanks to the programs powerful New Life Detoxification Method and Cognitive Behavioral Modification Model. Program participants are NOT told they have an incurable illness or disease that they can only hope to learn to deal with. The Narconon Fresh Start philosophy is that the addicted person IS powerful over their drug or alcohol dependence. When their addiction is treated for what it really is (a physical and emotional problem with underlying issues that need to be resolved) then they can truly recover. Graduates of Narconon Fresh Start programs are no longer “addicts” or “alcoholics” because they have fully recovered from their addiction problem and are now powerful enough to make strong, healthy choices that benefit them and their future.

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