Long-Term Addiction Treatment at Fort Collins New Life Center

When drugs (illegal or prescription) and/or alcohol become an essential part of a person’s life it can seem like living day to day without using is next to impossible for them. Their focus is no longer on their personal survival (health, job, education, etc.) or the happiness and wellbeing of their loved ones. A person with an addiction problem is focused solely on their drug or alcohol use; getting the substance, using it and ultimately recovering from the negative effects it causes them (hangovers, nausea, depletion of necessary vitamins and minerals, etc.). It is a cycle that repeats day in and day out for them as they continue to spin out of control further into their addictive ways.

The solution to this downward spiral is entering Fort Collins New Life Center’s long-term addiction treatment program. There, the addicted person will safely come off the substance(s) they are dependent on using Narconon Fresh Start’s drug-free withdrawal process. For clients who are physically addicted, a medically assisted detox will be conducted first before participating in Narconon’s drug-free withdrawal. This ensures our clients receive the safest and most comfortable drug and alcohol withdrawal possible.

Once withdrawal is complete, program participants begin working on Narconon Fresh Start’s life skills courses while concurrently partaking in the New Life Detoxification method used by Fort Collins New Life Center. This process rids the client’s body of all remaining drug metabolites left behind by their substance abuse. Program participants take vitamin and mineral supplements (proven to promote healing, the release of stored toxins and known to stimulate circulation), physical exercise which is immediately followed by sweating in a dry sauna.

Fort Collins New Life Center is a holistic drug rehab program. Their success is achieved using completely drug-free treatment methods which include vitamin supplements, nutritious and delicious meals, plenty of rest, physical activity and life skills training. The program is a long-term approach to addiction recovery because it takes time to change a person’s addictive ways once it has become a part of who they are. Over the course of several months the recovering person has the time to learn what it is they need to address in themselves and then go about practicing and making the changes. When they graduate months later, living a clean and sober life has become natural to them. This is why the Fort Collins New Life Center and Narconon Fresh Start programs have such a high success rate at lasting addiction rehabilitation.

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