Why Drug Substitution Therapy is Not the Answer to Addiction Rehabilitation

Drug and alcohol addiction means the addicted person is controlled by the substances they are dependent upon. They rely on them to regulate their senses, emotions and consciousness. Without them the addicted person may feel “sick” (due to withdrawal symptoms), they may feel out of sorts or may even show a whole other side of themselves becoming hostile and possibly violent. To help a person truly recover from their addiction problem they need to come off these toxic substances completely.

This is why all Narconon Fresh Start programs like Sunshine Summit Lodge and Rainbow Canyon Retreat use a holistic, completely drug-free approach to addiction rehabilitation. Clients go through a medically assisted withdrawal process if necessary and then begin the Narconon Fresh Start drug-free withdrawal process when they return to the treatment location. No drug substitution therapy is ever used in any of Narconon Fresh Start’s treatment centers. Drug substitution therapy is when the person is taken off the drugs they have become addicted to and given other drugs instead to control their mood, sleep, anxiety level, energy level, etc. When you look at drug substitution therapy in the bigger picture, it is simply replacing one drug with another.

While many rehab programs utilize this therapy technique, Narconon Fresh Start chooses to help their clients get healthy without resorting to using toxic pharmaceuticals. Their holistic approach to recovery means that their clients complete treatment and go on to live happy, completely drug-free lives when they return home.

One of the greatest things about the Narconon Fresh Start program is that when I returned home I didn’t need to take my prescription medication for depression any longer. I was able to come off it while in rehab and have not needed to take it since. In fact, knowing what I know now I would NEVER take a prescription like Paxil or Zoloft again. As a recovered addict I am very careful about what I put into my body, this includes prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs too. The way I look at is this, just because my doctor writes me a prescription and I can pick it up at the pharmacy doesn’t mean that I NEED to take it or that it is what is BEST for me. I put a lot of thought into every choice I make when it concerns my health and wellbeing. Because of the Narconon Fresh Start program I have maintained my sobriety for over a decade and I look forward to living the rest of my life in the same healthy way!

4 thoughts on “Why Drug Substitution Therapy is Not the Answer to Addiction Rehabilitation”

  1. I am now working on a new site that will help generate more reaches for our program, and I am happy to know that my efforts are going towards bringing people to a place that absolutely will not replace their previous addictions with another chemical dependency. Recently, I was very happy when my boss informed me that the last website that I had created had a couple reaches that contacted us looking for help. Knowing that the sites, including the new ones that I am making now, are helping people to get true rehabilitation and relief from substance abuse or addiction, makes me very happy.

  2. It is depressing to think about the fact that a lot of people go to a rehabilitation program for substance abuse, but end up still needing to take some other chemical substance as a replacement for their previous addiction. That is just not right.
    A true rehabilitation should restore the former addict’s sense of confidence in being able to live life without feeling the need to use destructive substances. That is why the program that I went through is a good program, and I am thankful for its effectiveness.

  3. I agree as well, drug substitution does not solve the problem of drug addiction or help the addicted person in anyway. The person is still addicted to substance and the addict will still need to take the that substance everyday so that they do not get sick. It just puts the addict on a drug that is viewed as more socially acceptable and monitored by a nurse or doctor. It is still dangerous and unhealthy. In my opinion drug substitution does not help an addict at all but prolongs there addiction and the underlying problems that helped cause the addiction in the first place.

    The Narconon Fresh Start program helps an addict get completely off drugs with out using drug substitution. They also teach you how to live a healthy productive life with out the use of drugs and alcohol. The also have the sauna program that helps rid the body of all the dangerous toxins that build up in a persons body when they are using drugs.

  4. I totally agree with this article, despite the fact that I did not use prescription drugs extensively, I still feel that I can understand the perspective of this article’s author. I would not have found a true solution to my addiction if this program has simply found replacements for the drugs that I was using, and made me put those into my body instead.
    I was instead presented with ways to rid my body of those toxins, time to get used to living sober again, and techniques and life skills that are useful in keeping me sober. Thanks to the program, I am still sober, productive, and improving my life everyday.

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