Rainbow Canyon Retreat, the Best Experience of My Life

Narconon Rainbow Canyon Retreat has been the best experience of my life. When I arrived in Nevada, I was a broken and angry person who had lost all motivation in life. Narconon not only helped me put myself back together, finding myself piece by piece but gave me something to look forward to in life. I now have real friends that I consider to be family and a home away from home. I have a chance to move forward in life without being dragged down by my past. I have family and friends who truly care and love me.
C. H.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Canyon Retreat, the Best Experience of My Life”

  1. Rainbow Canyon Retreat was a great place to learn how to live my life sober. It was away from the people and places that I did drugs and let me focus on my self. It gave me time to figure out my life with out all the distractions of everyday life, and the staff helped me stay on the right path and productive while I was at the Narconon Fresh Start program.

  2. Working at Rainbow Canyon Retreat has definitely allowed me to gain some of the most positive experiences and outlooks on life I have ever had. I am also very happy to know that I am giving back to the program that helped to get me off of drugs and begin a new fresh, productively meaningful life. That is the happy reason that I get up and get moving for every morning here.

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