Location Makes the Difference

Have you heard the old real estate adage, “Location, Location Location!”? Well, this holds true for many other areas in life; including drug rehabilitation treatment centers. Rainbow Canyon Retreat is one of Narconon Fresh Start’s highly effective treatment programs and it is situated in a beautiful meadow just beneath the many colors of Rainbow Canyon. Our treatment center is located near Caliente, Nevada and provides a distraction-free environment, ideal for focusing on one’s addiction recovery needs.

Resting on 320 acres, Rainbow Canyon Retreat’s rural ranch-like facility is remote enough to provide the sanctuary from temptations our clients need yet it is close enough to have all of life’s necessities at hand. As a former dude ranch our picturesque location offers plenty of fresh air and scenic views for our recovering program participants. Often a welcome change of pace for many of our clients whose lives up until now were filled with chaos brought on by drug and/or alcohol fuelled days and nights.

While our location is serene and ideal for addiction recovery, our Narconon Fresh Start treatment program is what makes the lasting difference in our client’s ability to get off drugs stay off drugs when they return home. We realize that having a beautiful location for our treatment centers is part of the whole picture, but it is the program itself that creates the positive changes in our clients. Helping our program participant’s withdrawal from their addictive substances, fully detoxify from any residual drug or alcohol toxins and teach them valuable life skills is the key to our program’s outstanding success rate.

3 thoughts on “Location Makes the Difference”

  1. I feel that the location of Rainbow Canyon Retreat made a huge difference in me staying here and staying clean, if I had been in a more populated area I very well may have tried to go out and get high. Since the center is pretty much in the middle of nowhere I decided to stay here and complete the program after graduating I decided to stay here since I knew that if I went home it would probably be a matter of time before I started getting high.

  2. I agree, location is important. the location got me out of my usual surroundings and away from my drug addict friends and the dealers I knew. It gave me a chance to relax and start the recovery process away from the places I used drugs. It also prevented me from leaving the program and going out to seek drugs. At Rainbow Canyon Retreat I was a thousand miles away from anyone I knew and places I knew I could find drugs. It gave me the space I needed to start to change my life, added the the Narconon Fresh Start program and the tools they provide in the program I have remained drug free for many years.

  3. Location and setting is most definitely an important factor that couples with the program’s inherent effectiveness. Many other people in different centers have experienced the same success, because all of the centers have chosen excellent locations, and when that is paired with our no fail curriculum, our high success rates prove that our program really stop drug and/or alcohol addiction.

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