Our Graduates Have Truly Recovered From Their Addictions

Here at Sunshine Summit Lodge, our graduates have truly recovered from their addiction problems. Nearly all of our program participants enter the Sunshine Summit Lodge drug rehab program at a low point in their lives. They are struggling with addiction issues, sometimes they have legal problems and often there are family and/or social disputes that need to be reconciled before they can make amends with the important people in their life.

Fortunately for our clients, Sunshine Summit Lodge’s rehabilitation program is a complete recovery process. When our clients graduate they leave as a completely rehabilitated person able to use the life skills they have learned to maintain their sobriety and achieve a successful life off of drugs and alcohol. Our program has many important parts that are laid out in a specific step by step sequence. The progression of our program and course work is designed to address our client’s addiction problem and their pre-existing issues that drove them to abuse drugs or alcohol. While the road to true and lasting addiction recovery is arduous, the end result is an extraordinary feeling! Graduates of Sunshine Summit Lodge leave rehab to go on to live the life they were meant to be living before their addiction problem hindered them from achieving their goals.

One thought on “Our Graduates Have Truly Recovered From Their Addictions”

  1. I wasn’t scared to leave Sunshine Summit Lodge because I knew that I was done using and I knew that i was ready to apply what I had learned. There wasn’t an inkling in my mind that I wanted to get high ever again because I not only had learned so much but I had also found out why I used in the first place. I felt like a new man and I definitely felt like I had full handled and addressed my drug problem. I left Sunshine Summit Lodge and I hit the ground running. I went out and started applying for jobs and I got hired within 5 days of being home. I started to save money and eventually got enrolled back in school. I lived up to all of the responsibilities and expectations that were asked of me and I completely disconnected myself from all of my old druggie friends. I knew that i didn’t ever want to use again and when I made that my priority I did everything I could to accomplish that. Nonetheless, here I am two years later working, going to school, responsible for all of my own bills and living in my own apartment. I have a wonderful and supportive girlfriend and the situation with my parents and family couldn’t be better. I went from being a disgrace to being an upstanding member of society. I feel great and I know that I have truly recovered.

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