Fort Collins New Life Center Creates Lasting Changes

Fort Collins New Life Center is a drug and alcohol treatment program creating lasting changes in their clients. Their clients come from all walks of life and struggle with every type of addiction: alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, prescription drugs, etc. Two of the largest differences between the Fort Collins New Life Center and other treatment programs are their philosophy on addiction and their detoxification program.

Fort Collins New Life Center program philosophy does not subscribe to the disease concept of addiction and their recovery program is not based on the twelve-step treatment method. Instead of telling their clients they are powerless over their addiction and can only hope to cope with it one day at a time, Fort Collins New Life center empowers their clients. They help their clients go through a drug-free withdrawal process and instruct them on the many positive changes they can make in their life to maintain their sobriety when they return home.

The other difference mentioned was Fort Collins New Life Center’s detox program. Called the New Life Detoxification Method, it is a process of completely ridding the client’s body of any remaining drug and alcohol toxins and metabolites. Using a medically approved precise protocol of nutritional supplements, physical exercise and time spent sweating in a dry sauna clients are able to achieve total cellular detoxification. The New Life Detoxification Method has also been shown to improve client’s memory, cognitive functions, immune systems and their general physical condition.

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