It is Possible to Have a Healthy Positive Life Without Opiates

I have a very good success story. I was using opiates for 8 years straight due to injuries in Iraq. I was unable to walk away from them; I was in the middle of a full blown addiction. After my mom and I came together, we decided and I came to Narconon. I have been learning that it is possible for a healthy positive life without opiates. Since being here I’ve heard some encouraging stories and met some good people. Life has done a complete 180 since I’m sober.
C. M.

One thought on “It is Possible to Have a Healthy Positive Life Without Opiates”

  1. It is nice to rad others success that they have had with the Narconon Fresh Start program. The program has the potential to change an addicts life if they are willing to participate in the program. I know this to be true, because I attended the program a few years ago and it totally changed my life. It helped me get back on the right track and enabled me to live a sober productive life. The Narconon Fresh Start program made me realize that life does not have to revolve around drugs or meetings after you overcome an addiction. Overcoming an addiction is a very difficult task but with the help of the Narconon Fresh Start program and the dedicated staff at Rainbow Canyon Retreat i was able to overcome my addiction.

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