My Students LOVED the Narconon Presentations

We had the privilege of having Tony from Narconon as a guest speaker for three periods of my Medical Sciences Academy today and my students LOVED the presentations. This is the second year that I’ve had Narconon come out and speak with my students. The first year was extremely successful and this year was the same.

Once again I sat in my classroom and watched and listened to the interaction between Tony and my students, I realized that high-schoolers have not received correct information as well as a sufficient education about drugs. My students were engaged and focused on the presentation given to them today. Some of their faces were priceless as the realized how ignorant they were when it comes to the hard facts (although, coming into the class they thought they knew everything there was to know about these drugs.) I’m guessing many have experimented with tobacco, drugs and alcohol and I believe they were surprised and maybe a little shocked when they learned about the important statistics surrounding these drugs. I saw some students taking notes which I’m sure they want to share with others. I can truly say that many of these students will not experiment with drugs as a result of these presentations! So many students feel that marijuana is an innocent drug and that it is completely natural and relatively harmless, their minds were changed today!

Thank you again for the opportunity to make this available for my students to benefit from this powerful program. I wish all students had the opportunity to hear what my students heard today!


Medical Sciences Academy Instructor

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