Why Long-Term Treatment is the Best Choice

When a person has an addiction problem that has seemingly taken over their life, and they are unable to stop using on their own a Narconon Fresh Start long-term drug rehab is the best solution to help them make a true and lasting recovery. Why a Narconon Fresh Start long-term treatment program instead of another option (i.e. short-term care, outpatient programs, etc.)? Because research from the National Institute on Drug Abuse notes that the more time a person spends in treatment (90 days or longer) the higher their chances of lasting success in their sobriety.

A person who has a history of addiction has developed habits that are ingrained into their sense of self. Some long-term addicts can hardly remember life without using and have a near impossible time visualizing themselves as a happy and sober person. Attending a long-term drug rehab program like Fort Collins New Life Center, Lonestar Victory Ranch, Rainbow Canyon Retreat or Sunshine Summit Lodge gives the recovering individual the time and distance from their previous life. They can focus on their recovery in a safe environment where they are surrounded by others who are working towards accomplishing the same goals of learning to live life clean and sober.

4 thoughts on “Why Long-Term Treatment is the Best Choice”

  1. I also agree that addicts can’t enjoy life without drugs. When I was getting high that was all I worried about every day. When I didn’t have any drugs I was worrying about where I was going to get the money for me to get high again. I wasn’t working so I had no income of my own so the only way I was able to get money was to steal it from my parents all the time. I was sneaking into my parents room while they were sleeping and stealing their debit cards and going to the atm and withdrawing money or I was using their credit cards and using western union to send myself money. I didn’t care what the consequences were from my parents as long as I had drugs. Now that I’ve been clean for 2 years now I look back at the messed up things I did and realize how much I was hurting myself and my family.

  2. It really is true that some addicts/alcoholics can’t remember a life when they weren’t using and find it impossible to view themselves as happy and sober. I was a drinker and I had drank for so long that i didn’t know who I was before I started. It seemed like my memories went from being a kid to being a drunk with no in between. I did start drinking at a young age and I never really gave myself an opportunity to grow up and mature without being impaired on a regular basis. I honestly hated who I had become and I couldn’t stand the thought of being a full-fledged drunk for the rest of my life. That thought alone was crushing but what was even more devastating was the thought that I could never be sober. After a long time of troubles and woes I finally went to Sunshine Summit Lodge and did a thorough program. I believe that doing a long-term residential program was the best thing for me. My program lasted about four months and I’m glad that I was able to take my time. I didn’t want to rush my recovery and I wanted to work and honest program and that is exactly what I did. The first year after I completed and left the program was definitely the hardest but I made it through unscathed. I didn’t get urges or cravings to drink but I sure as heck found myself dealing with the wreckage of my life which for the most part was extremely sensitive and stressful. Now I am almost three years sober and I actually am a happy and sober person. I am also very grateful that I am sober because I have been getting to spend a lot of time with my two nephews and we get to play and do all sorts of cool things. Being able to do that makes me all the more appreciative because it feels like I am getting the best of both worlds – living and creating happy memories that I never had and being happy and sober. I love my life today and I am so glad that i went through Sunshine Summit Lodge and got my act together.

  3. I totally agree with the statement referring to how some addicts cannot enjoy life without using substances. I was this way not long after I began to use drugs. It consumed me and I was unable to appreciate anything unless I was able to use drugs, and I really feel that addiction is an evil, scary thing. Long term treatment is needed to truly remedy and permanently put a stop to the strong craving and addiction that drugs cause.

  4. “Some long-term addicts can hardly remember life without using and have a near impossible time visualizing themselves as a happy and sober person.” I was one of these people. I thought I would be a drug addict for the rest of my life. When I first arrived at the Rainbow Canyon Retreat, I did not think it was possible to live a life without using drugs. After seeing other addicts there overcoming their addictions and helping others gave me hope and inspiration. My program took a little bit over 100 days and in retrospect it wal worth every minute. It had now been almost 4 years since I was in the Narconon Fresh Start program and I have been sober ever since!

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