Handle Your Past to Live Your Best Future

Part of the Narconon Fresh Start program is addressing the issues in one’s past. These issues include things they have done or said that were hurtful to others, legal matters still unresolved, personal dilemmas that have never been addressed and resolved, etc. When the client arrives at this point in their Narconon Fresh Start program they have successfully completed several other important steps first to prepare them to tackle this difficult challenge.

As they begin to recognize and address the past issues in their life staff members work side by side with them on finding the best solutions and putting them into effect. The end result is that the client feels a huge weight lifted when they complete their program. They know there are no loose ends to tie up when they return home because all difficult matters have already been recognized and worked through to the best of their ability during their time in treatment. This is just one of the many valuable parts of the Narconon Fresh Start program that other treatment facilities do not include in their recovery processes.

One thought on “Handle Your Past to Live Your Best Future”

  1. This is so true. I feel that most of the real problems with family especially, start to get mended while you are going through the steps of the Narconon program. When repairing past ethical conditions and writing up your overts and withholds is when you really get to take responsibility for the awful things that you did in the past.

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