Learning Valuable Life Skills at Rainbow Canyon Retreat

Drug and alcohol addiction changes a person in ways that are sometimes visible to others (i.e. weight loss, track marks, large dilated pupils, burnt lips or fingers, etc.) and in ways that are much deeper than their physical appearance. A large part of the addicted people in the world did not start out as “bad” or “anti-social” beings. It is through their downward spiral into drug and/or alcohol abuse that they began to change the very nature of who they are. They developed a drug or alcohol personality that took over who they essentially were.

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs such as Rainbow Canyon Retreat address this “drug personality” through cognitive behavioral modification and life skills training. Courses instruct clients on important areas of life: how to be a good person and do right by others, how to identify others who are anti-social and will do you harm, how to disassociate with anti-social individuals from their past and other “golden rules” to live by. The majority of these courses are topics clients have been taught growing up by their parents or loved ones but have let slip from the forefront of their personality due to their addiction problems.

5 thoughts on “Learning Valuable Life Skills at Rainbow Canyon Retreat”

  1. I’m happy to say that I have now practiced the golden rules everyday for so long that they have become part of my nature, and I do them automatically. I imagine that I would immediately feel something negative if I stopped doing any of the things that I now do daily to make sure I am living happily and healthily. I am thankful that I have the golden rules in my life, and this program is great to teach them to others, because it really gives a solid foundation for a healthy and happier lifestyle.

  2. The program did wonders for me. This article mentions the “Golden Rules” which most would think it silly to go over those. But when I was an addict you quickly forget about those rules because it gets in the way of getting high. It was important to me to go back over those rules when I was at the Rainbow Canyon Retreat and to reinstate those rules into my life. I seems like a simple thing but when I was in addict ti was the last thing i was concerned about. The Narconon Fresh Start program gave me the tools to turn my life back around.

  3. I have spent a lot of time researching and writing about the different subjects revolving around drug and/or alcohol abuse and addiction, and it has helped to give me insight towards helping others that are having these sorts of problems. Interesting, using drugs before has done nothing to help me help others with addiction issues, except for merely being able to relate to them. It just goes to show how entirely negative the use of drugs actually is.

  4. I am glad that this program addresses drug abuse and addiction in a whole manner. It does not leave out the little things after addressing the big, obvious problems and situations concerning drug and use and addiction. The little things matter too, because they all add up, becoming big, devastating issues, and it is great that there is a such a complete program. The results speak for themselves.

  5. When I was using drugs, there were virtually no visible signs of my everyday, constant use of drugs. This went on for years until I told people about it, and then I came across the opportunity of this program. I am glad that I made that choice to say something about my drug use, because if I did not, I would never have learned the valuable life skills of living without the need for drug use. I would still be stuck in the vicious cycle of not being able to enjoy anything in life without first wanting to use drugs, and that was a serious problem that I am very glad to say is banished from my life now.

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