I Know What True Recovery Means

As a graduate of the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program I know firsthand what addiction feels like. And, as a graduate of their program I know what true addiction rehabilitation feels like as well. When I first arrived at Narconon I wanted to stop using drugs but didn’t have the slightest idea how to go about doing it. I had tried to stop on my own with no success due to continual drug cravings and a low tolerance to everyday stressors. I found just about every excuse in the book to justify getting high and putting off quitting for another day.

Because of the Sunshine Summit Lodge drug rehab program I was able to make the transition from drug addict to a sober and healthy person. My cravings are gone now thanks to their New Life Detoxification method. During my time in rehab I learned a lot of important skills that I wasn’t very good at before, namely the ability to spot a person who intends to do me harm (i.e. a drug dealer, friends who encourage me to use drugs, people who are dishonest, etc.) and how to handle my emotions without resorting to using drugs. While these seem like obvious life lessons it was something that I lacked and had often gotten me into trouble. I would trust the wrong people, I would use drugs to cover my pain or escape from my problems.

Because of the Narconon Fresh Start program at Sunshine Summit Lodge I have my family back, a career and friends who support me and are there for me when times get rough. I turn to the education I received while at Narconon on how to handle stress when I get overwhelmed. I thank God for sending me to Sunshine Summit Lodge. I am also eternally grateful to all the wonderful staff that helped me get off drugs and get back the life I truly want to be living.

3 thoughts on “I Know What True Recovery Means”

  1. True recovery is not always and easy process but I too have achieved it. I have always been very susceptible to stress and caving in to the urge to self-medicate when I felt uncomfortable. For the longest time I always used pills, both doctor prescribed and otherwise, to help me deal with the difficulties that arose in my life. But now, after completing the program at Sunshine Summit Lodge, I am able to effectively handle any stress that I encounter. It is a genuinely good feeling to know that I don’t want to use drugs and that i have not used drugs. I have an amazing sense of accomplishment every time I work through difficult situations and don’t use any type of drug or pill to make it through. I am successful and happy and I know that I have truly recovered from drug addiction. The program works and I am living proof.

  2. As a graduate of the Narconon Program at Sunshine Summit Lodge, I continue to be truly free from the bondage of drug addiction. My thoughts are no longer self-centered and my primary focus is helping others. In turn, I have been deeply rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and happiness in my life. Furthermore, I feel that I am in control of my life. I do not worry about misfortune entering my life because I know that there are always things I can do to positively impact any situation. Knowing this provides me with a great deal of pride and satisfaction as I live my life in an exemplary manner.


  3. Since completing the Narconon Program at Sunshine Summit Lodge I have noticed a huge change in my attitude and perception of the world. I feel I can do anything I put my mind to and I feel more positive and excited about my future. This is the longest period of time I have been sober in a while and I’m really happy and feel good about my sobriety.


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