On the Road to Success

The Narconon Fresh Start program addresses our client’s addiction recovery needs by providing them with one of the most comprehensive addiction rehabilitation programs available. When a program participant enrolls in the Narconon Fresh Start program they receive individualized care that focusses on their specific issues with substance abuse as well as the fundamental problems that lead them to choose taking drugs or drinking in the first place.

Early in their program our clients begin to feel the many benefits of being drug-free in a healthy and safe environment. We utilize nutritional supplements in addition to the healthy meal options provided to nourish our clients physically and bring them back to an optimal state of health. With a daily schedule, our program participants know what is expected of them throughout the day. Clients feel a sense of regularity and order in their life that they often have been lacking while they were under the influence.

“I feel that going through the Narconon withdrawal program I was able to put myself back on a regular schedule along with eating healthy and staying away from being so disorganized mentally and physically. It helps so much to keep your mind in the right place. I feel that it really helps put you on the road to success.”
C. R.

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