This Program Saved My Daughter

As a parent I can understand how hard it is to watch your child continue to spin out of control. It feels that if you had only done “this” or “that” they would not be in the position they are in now, addicted and seeming to slip further and further away from you. You do have choices:

  • You can continue to contribute to their demise by helping them with money, transportation, etc. making their life easier and getting them out of difficult situations when they arise. (This is what my husband and I were doing until we spoke with the Narconon counselor)
  • You can do nothing and hope for the best thinking that everything will “work itself out”. However, this rarely ever happens and often can lead to very serious consequences.
  • You can contact Narconon Fresh Start and speak with a skilled addiction counselor on how to get your child the help the really need.

Years ago my daughter was addicted to multiple drugs, some I had never even heard of! My husband and I found Narconon Fresh Start on the internet and made that life changing call. While speaking with one of their counselors on the phone we began to realize we were contributing to our daughter’s downward spiral by letting her use the car freely, giving her a place to live rent-free and not creating consequences for her self-destructive and reckless actions.

After getting off the phone with the Narconon Fresh Start counselor we spoke with our daughter and made a series of major changes that involved making her life more difficult if she was going to continue to abuse drugs. After several days she came to us and admitted she had a serious addiction problem and needed our help to get treatment. We were so relieved that the strategy the Narconon counselor had given us worked. Within 24 hours we were on the road headed to California to enroll our daughter in the Narconon Fresh Start program.

Years later she is still off drugs. She was able to attend and graduate college, get married and has started a family of her own now. We view her time at Narconon Fresh Start as more than just going to drug rehab, it was time spent learning life education and social skills that has served her well, long after completing the program. As a parent of a Narconon Fresh Start graduate I can tell you that this program gave us our daughter back. Without it, she was headed for a short life and an early grave. Thank you Narconon Fresh Start for helping our child get off drugs and learn how to love her life as a sober and happy woman.

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