A Huge Accomplishment For Me

Finishing objectives was and is a huge accomplishment for me. I was able to get something out of each one and it was truly a great feeling. There were times where I was really frustrated and wanted to give up. I am so grateful to my awesome twin Tiffany and my awesome course sup Kelly for pushing me to go on. I am thankful to have gone through it and only hope others can get out of it what I did.

Narconon Fresh Start programs such as Rainbow Canyon Retreat use cognitive behavioral modification techniques to educate and redirect our client’s addictive nature into one that is more healthy and centered on their personal survival. Pairing clients up with other program participants (i.e. when the above client refers to a twin) who are working on accomplishing similar parts of their program helps to build both clients teamwork and communication skills. Our staff members (case and course supervisors) are right there by the client’s side helping them progress through their program and ensuring they have a complete understanding of the material being taught.

2 thoughts on “A Huge Accomplishment For Me”

  1. I’ve had several huge accomplishments since coming here to Rainbow Canyon Retreat. The first one was completing the sauna part of the program which wasn’t easy as you are sitting in there for several hours every day with 5 other people. 2nd was completing objectives which wasn’t easy and took the longest for me. 3rd and most important was graduating the program and making my family very happy. The last major accomplishment was getting to see my sister get married and being clean and sober for it.

  2. The biggest accomplishment for me was that after years of not being able to enjoy anything in life without first wanting drugs, to finally realize that I had gained freedom from that terrible choice I had made to start using drugs before. It took a while for me to gain this hard earned freedom, and that is the scary thing about chemical dependencies. They really take hold and can threaten to mess one’s life up for a very long time. I guess I should feel very lucky that it did not take as long as I was on drugs, for me to get off drugs. I plan to stay vigilant and continue to make sure I do not make that terrible choice again.

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