Getting Out All the Toxins

My first week of sauna has been successful. It feels good to get out all the toxins that were built up in my body throughout the years. I am sleeping better and I feel good.
C. U.

The Narconon New Life Detoxification sauna program has been medically proven to expedite the removal of drug residuals and toxins left behind after substance abuse. Through a precise protocol of nutritional supplements, exercise and time sweating in a dry sauna our clients see a great improvement in their drug cravings, sleep, skin and overall general wellbeing.

One thought on “Getting Out All the Toxins”

  1. After getting out of the sauna portion of the program I felt so much better, after having used drugs for over 12 years and then sweating out everything that I had put into my body the difference was amazing. After completing the program in its entirety it felt good to be clean and sober. I now have close to 2 years clean and sober and am thankful for Narconon for helping me with that.

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