Addiction Recovery Starts With YOU

When it comes to addiction recovery YOU have the choice to continue doing what you are doing or choose to make a change. The first thing to realize is that both the problem and the solution lie within you; you are the one who chooses to take a drink, do a line, take a hit, shoot up, or pop a pill. This is not to say that addiction is simply a matter of will power and that you can likely just stop on your own by the power of thought. No, drug and alcohol addiction is a physical and mental problem that needs to be addressed in a drug rehab program such as Narconon Fresh Start. While working on the addicted person’s physical and emotional addiction problem Narconon Fresh Start simultaneously address their clients underlying issues that caused them to choose substance abuse as an answer to their problem(s). Getting help from a long-term rehab program like Narconon Fresh Start gives you the time you need to learn to be a healthy, sober person. Long-term treatment also means that you will be able to get away from the day-to-day influences that hold you in your current frame of mind.

A majority of addicted people live in a state of denial; they blame everything and everyone else for their drug and alcohol use never taking full responsibility for their actions. While life can sometimes be hard, unfair and difficult it is the addicted person who chooses to use these reasons to justify their substance use. What non-addicted people see as a life challenge or test to their inner-strength an addict looks at as a justifiable excuse to get drunk or high. It is this misplaced ability to confront life’s problems directly and effectively that is thoroughly addressed while in a Narconon Fresh Start rehab program. Through the Narconon Fresh Start rehabilitation program clients come off the substances they are addicted to, fully purify their bodies using the New Life Detoxification process, take courses on life skills, learn and practice relapse prevention techniques and create a life plan for themselves to strive to achieve when they complete treatment and return home.

One thought on “Addiction Recovery Starts With YOU”

  1. When I was addicted to drugs I was not in a state of denial. I knew what I was doing and did not care. I was basically trying to self destruct. The main problem for me is that I was not confronting life, I was hiding from life in a drug induced haze. I did not want to confront any of my problems I wanted to self destruct so I would no longer be around and my problems would be gone with me. The Narconon Fresh Start program taught me how to face my problems without the use of drugs. They taught that life is worth living and I was capable of handling my lifes problems and not just hiding from them. Rainbow Canyon Retreat and the Narconon Fresh Start program saved my life. I have now been sober for almost 4 years, I am healthy and happy, and lead a happy, successful, and drug free life!

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