An Addict in the Family

Having an addicted person in the family can be draining in many ways. You may be spending money you don’t have to get them out of jail, paying down their debt or even paying for their drugs knowingly or unknowingly. Their behavior and actions tear you up inside; cause you to worry and stress about their wellbeing. When you spend the majority of your time worried about your addicted loved one you are left with little to no time to focus on yourself. As the addicted person spins out of control you feel yourself doing the same in your inability to help them or control them.

Sunshine Summit Lodge is a drug rehab program skilled at working with addicted individuals and their loved ones. Because addiction does not just affect the person who is using, it affects the entire family who loves them. Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, etc. are all affected when the person they love develops an addiction problem. The staff at Sunshine Summit Lodge is able to address the addiction problem in the individual while providing the support and guidance the rest of the family needs to help their loved one continue down the path of sobriety.

One thought on “An Addict in the Family”

  1. When I was using and abusing drugs I was very conscience of all the damage I was doing to my life. I knew what I was doing was wrong and detrimental but I just didn’t care. The sad thing was that I didn’t ever really think about or acknowledge all of the damage that I was causing to my family. I never saw the sleepless nights that my parents had, I didn’t see the toll it took on the family’s finances when I had to get bailed out of jail, and I never saw how bad the stress and worry affected my parents. That was all in the back of my mind because I was so self-centered and ignorant to everything other than my fix. I eventually went to Sunshine Summit Lodge and got the treatment that I needed. The good thing about it was that my parents got a lot of help too. I was able to confront all of the nasty stuff I had done to them, take responsibility for it, apologize for it and I began to repair it. By all means, it was not an overnight fix, but it was surely something that I began to work on and was shown how to continue to repair the relationships and the damages. I didn’t like looking at who I was or how I treated my family and it was very uncomfortable to have to deal with it but it was necessary. I made some tough calls to my parents and was able to really see everything that i had done in the sense of the big picture. My family was reluctant to have me back home after I graduated because of all of my old behavior and antics. But they brought me home and I had the opportunity to actually show them that I had changed. My father always told me that “actions speak louder than words” but I never really paid attention to what it truly meant. But after seeing how my actions devastated the family and how my words meant nothing while I was using to seeing how my actions were a reflection of my words was an amazing process. My parents put off a vibe of “we’ll believe it when we see it” and that is exactly what I did. I told them that I was different and I was better and the I showed them. Today, I know that my parents are at ease because they don’t have to worry about me. That in itself is an amazing feeling because I love my parents and I want to give them the daughter they deserve.

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