I Now Have a Sense of Empowerment

I found that I was on a fast downward spiral before I came to Narconon. I was sitting in an empty apartment without any furniture, my child and girlfriend gone and without any money in the bank. I was ready to do any drug I could possibly find or anything to take the pain away.  I pleaded for help several times to my mom and she found Narconon. I now know how good it feels to have this sense of empowerment back and achieve all of the goals I once had. I now feel like I will never have to hear the words I used to dread so much, that I had “ so much potential” but wouldn’t live up to it. I no longer doubt myself and know that I can change the world.
C. R.

3 thoughts on “I Now Have a Sense of Empowerment”

  1. The Narconon Fresh Start program and Rainbow Canyon Retreat gave me the tools and inspiration to turn my life around. It is great to to read others that have had similar success at a Narconon Fresh Start program. The program truly works and can save your life if you give it a chance. I know it has changed mine.

  2. Before I came here I was barely able to hold a job, I worked off and on doing odd jobs but couldn’t hold down a steady job because I was only concerned with getting high. Towards the end of my program I made the decision to stay and intern, I now am employed full time here at Rainbow Canyon Retreat and have been clean for almost 2 years I also have regained the trust of my family and have made them proud of me.

  3. I was definitely a lost soul before I came here, and it was entirely due to my terrible decision to use drugs for every waking moment of my life. It destroyed everything. Now, I have a rebuilt life, with a sense of purpose and importance, and I help others to get their lives back as well.

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