Positive, Holistic Addiction Rehabilitation

Rainbow Canyon Retreat is a drug rehab program where no one talks about the “disease” of addiction. Clients do not gather to discuss their past drug using experiences and how much they want to use currently. Rather, Rainbow Canyon Retreat is a positive, holistic rehabilitation center where program participants go about their day learning new life skills and putting them to good use.

Clients participate in healthy, social activities to keep their mind and body active during their time in rehab. When they complete the treatment program they have successfully conquered their addiction problem and have all the inner-personal skills necessary to remain drug and alcohol free for the rest of their lives. No graduate of Rainbow Canyon Retreat needs to attend meetings or take drug substitution medication because they are fully recovered and able to stand on their own two feet.

Narconon – Where to start? How do I convey all that I have received from this program? It has changed so much in my life for the better. My hope is to take what I learned here and to keep on applying it every day in my life. I know that if I can do that I will never repeat my past mistakes. I can look forward to a much better future.
L. C.

I am a success today. This has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and one of the most rewarding. Learning about me and the tools to live a sober and healthy life have been a huge success.
D. W.

4 thoughts on “Positive, Holistic Addiction Rehabilitation”

  1. I am so grateful that this program not only provided the mental life skills trainings necessary for a complete rehabilitation, but also provided me with the opportunity to make sure my physical aspects were healthy and kept in good condition as well. This allowed me to have a well rounded recovery and now I am in good shape; if I had only recovered on the mental aspects, then I would not be up to par physically, and that could ultimately bring my mind down again through depression.

  2. One of the things that makes this program better than other ones out there is the fact that it doesn’t follow the 12 steps like most other ones out there. I went to one other program before I came here and was back to getting high 3 days after completing the program, when I left there I had no battle plan as far as getting my life back on track. When I was close to graduating here I was told I had to set up a battle plan with both short and long term goals on what I was going to do to stay clean once I left here. Another thing that sets this program apart from others out there is the fact that they allow you to stay and intern and eventually become staff here if that is what you want to do,

  3. One of the greatest things about this program, is that it is totally, and effectively, focused on positive new learning and ways to stay away from addiction. In retrospect, other rehabilitation programs are performing the equivalent of sitting in a circle and sulking together about the helpless nature of their drug addiction.
    I don’t understand how anyone thinks that could possibly help them get over drug addiction. Our program focuses in the right areas and the results are positive and easy to see. I have deep appreciation for this.

  4. The Rainbow Canyon Retreat and the Narconon Fresh Start program helped me change my life. The holistic, cognitive approach worked for me, because I disagree with the disease model. I did not believe that I was powerless of drugs and alcohol, I just didn’t know another way to live and had given up hope. The Narconon Fresh Start program helped restore the hope in my my life. They taught me many life skills that I had forgotten and neglected during my many years of drug use. The best part after to completeing the program was not having to go to meetings every week of my life. I graduated the program almost 4 years ago and have not attended 1 meeting!

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