Addressing the Physical Issues Created by a Person’s Addiction Problem

Addiction to alcohol and drugs often leads the addict to not take care of themselves as they should. High priority items to the rest of us (eating healthy meals on a regular basses, regular grooming, going to the doctor when ill, etc.) become just an afterthought when a person is deep in their addictive ways. This is why when clients enroll in the Lonestar Victory Ranch program they receive a complete physical evaluation before they begin the Narconon Fresh Start recovery process. Clients will have lab tests run to check their blood count, blood sugar, liver function, kidney function, etc. The attending physician will instruct our staff on any medical conditions that become known through the course of these tests and proper action will be taken straightaway.

Because virtually everyone who enters treatment has some form of sickness related to their addiction issues (nutritional depletion, anemia, etc.) a regimen of necessary vitamin and mineral supplements are provided. Lonestar Victory Ranch clients often begin to feel remarkably better once they begin taking their supplements. This is because doing so address the nutritional depletion their body has been suffering through by finally providing it the healthy resources it needs.

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