Learning to Focus on the Present Moment

I just completed 4 of my objectives. It was a long, sometimes frustrating process but I believe I got a lot out of it. I was able to look at areas of my life that I had not looked at in a long time. I feel a new awareness and focus on my life and surroundings. I also learned new patience with myself and others.
D. B.

The life training and skills our clients learn during their rehabilitation process serve them long after they complete and leave Sunshine Summit Lodge. These lessons are aimed at building up the recovering person’s ability to identify both positive and negative attributes in themselves and others. Clients also work on their communication skills, ability to recognize and control their emotions as well as strengthen their ability to effectively handle difficult situations should they arise in the future (i.e. drug relapse prevention techniques).

One thought on “Learning to Focus on the Present Moment”

  1. I still remember going through my objectives and how they helped me and I did them almost three years ago! Objectives, or the Communication and Perception Course, allowed me to really take a look at myself and work through my seemingly endless and difficult emotions and thought process. When I first started doing my Objectives I didn’t really know what to expect but as the exercises went on and I started doing new and different ones I was able to really see a lot of changes in myself and the way I dealt with the world around me. I honestly loved doing the Objective exercises because they taught me so much about myself and the way I understood myself. To this day I remember all of the things that I got out of those exercises and I apply them on a regular basis. I truly believe that the Objective exercises is the main reason that I am clean and sober three years after completing the program. Good stuff!

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