Sunshine Summit Lodge fights drug addiction

The Narconon Program available at Sunshine Summit Lodge is the one and only place that I know of that effectively and efficiently handles people’s drug addictions.  The program itself is designed to identify and handle the underlying issues that cause people to use and abuse drugs.  The program is amazing but enough can’t be said about the staff members who administer the program.  All of the staff members are kind, caring, understanding and most of all, knowledgeable.  They know what all of the clients are going through because they too dealt with similar struggles.  It can make a world of difference when there is a former addict helping a current addict because there is a certain level of understanding and reality there (as opposed to a counselor who was never an addict) that makes the program all the more beneficial.  The program and the staff at Sunshine Summit Lodge are further complimented by the location of the center.  Set in the sunny hills of northern San Diego county, the location is fantastic and while it is easily accessible to the necessities of a city it is also serenely set apart from the often distracting world that accompanies a city.  Sunshine Summit Lodge is a great place for anyone who is looking to effectively handle any problem with drugs and alcohol.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine Summit Lodge fights drug addiction”

  1. Fighting a drug or alcohol problem is no easy feat. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. For those of us who have suffered or still suffer with addiction we must remember that we didn’t get to that point overnight. In a ll actuality we essentially spent years conditioning ourselves to function using certain behaviors and making certain decisions. We have grown so accustomed to that lifestyle that it seems hard to change and completely foreign if and when we do. So we must realize that we have to put in just as much time and effort towards fighting addiction as we did getting ourselves addicted. I know this from experience because I have lived through and overcome my own addiction. I always think about this idea because it is what one of my counselors at Sunshine Summit Lodge told me and it really made sense to me and put everything into perspective. Our minds and physiological make up needs just time to heal and mend just as if it were a broken bone. So, for all of us who fight addiction just keep in mind that everyday you are clean and sober is an investment in your future and that future will one day be here and before you know it you will be clean and sober for many years.

  2. My drug addiction was like a big scary nightmare. When I wasn’t on drugs I was a seemingly normal, happy-go-lucky guy. But when I was on drugs I was the worst person in the world, I would get so angry and mean and destructive that I would literally flip out break things. It was like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type situation. When I wasn’t high I was doing good in school and I could hold down a job and my family was proud of me. But as soon as I would do some meth I would turn into a rage monster and completely scare everybody around me. There was something about the meth-high that was invigorating and attractive but it would always end up with me fighting someone, breaking something, getting arrested or doing something awful. It got to a point where I was kicked out of school, fired from my job, and all and my friends and family were so tense and afraid to be around me because I was so unpredictable. I ended up in a hospital on a 72 hour psych hold because my meth psychosis was so intense. After that I finally came to grips with where my life was headed and went to treatment at Sunshine Summit Lodge. I went through a lot of changes doing my program and I really got a grasp on my emotions and how to control them. Now I feel like that Mr. Hyde part of me has been laid to rest and there is no more rage-monster cooped up inside of me. I feel like I have beat my addiction and now I can truly focus on the important parts of life.

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